The ScienceLit Final Conference was one of the main events to disseminate the project’s outputs and contributions and also to assure the project success and sustainability. It was organized by FACEPA in collaboration with the lead partner.
The Final Conference acts took place in the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona (PRBB) on June 20th 2018 from 5 pm to 8 pmand it was promoted with a poster.
It counted with the participation of four representatives of the target groups for each of the partners. FACEPA also brought 82 local participants.
The aim of the Final Conference is to disseminate the results of the project and to make a public launch of the ScienceLit interactive guide at a European level. During the Final conference, the main results of the project were presented and explained and the guide was officially launched.

The programme included:

Rosa Lloret opened the conference as Agora’s president together the Dr. Reimund Fickert, Director of Communication & Business Development, PRBB.

To make more sense of the closing of the project, the final conference had the opportunity to count on the participation of Ramón Flecha, cathedratic at the University of Barcelona, ​​who created the Literary Gathering, and who currently has the responsibility of the European Commission to establish the social impact criteria for scientific research of the European Research Program (FP9) who conducted the introductory conference and an open  space for questions and dialogue.

After the first part, the coffee break was carried out by DIOMCOOP, a cooperative of social initiative formed by people who want to bring a sustainable and lasting response to the social and labor inclusion needs of immigrants in vulnerable situations.The format of the cooperative organization is based on a new model of socio-economic intervention, focused on the needs of people and the promotion of the social and solidarity economy. They served natural tropical fruit and juices that the science has determined are good for our health.

The second part included a round table with 5 participants, representing all partners of the project, with different profiles who explained their experiences and answer the public questions on how to implement the SDGs in their own contexts.

The third part was centered on the results and impact of the project. And participated Javier Diez, researcher of the University of Barcelona, as member of the assessor panel of the project. And Inga Spencht as adult educator researcher of the DIE Instituto who was in charged to developed the interactive guide.

The conference was closed by Agora’s president.


The targets of the Final Conference were adult education participants, adult education providers and schools, adult education, educators and professionals, and other professionals organizing scientific literacy competence courses.

We promoted also the involvement in the conference of representatives from the public administration and decision makers at local, national and European level in order to offer those concrete tools and element to strength the social inclusions and active participation of disadvantaged groups and to motivate them to encourage other entities to implement the ScienceLit methodology.

In this sense, it is worth highlighting the positive reactions that the attendees of the final conference published on social networks; as for example, tweets that reflect the impact of the project.

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