The Methodology on Scientific Literacy for Adult Education is the main project output and contribution. It will be designed and agreed through the implementation of national scientific dialogic gatherings. The Dialogic Literary Gathering is a Successful Educational Action recognized by the European project INCLUD-ED for its capacity to overcome inequalities and promote social cohesion. More concretely, the Dialogic Literary Gathering consists of: “reading a classical literature book and then sharing meanings, interpretations and reflections with the dialogic learning methodology.”  The present project will apply for the first time this Successful Educational Action (SEA) to the field of science to develop a scientific literacy methodology. Dialogic gatherings are already used in regards numeracy and literacy but have not been implemented in regards to science. Thus, this methodology will be completely innovative and original. This SEA reinforces people’s capacity to question, to look for information and discuss about all kind of scientific questions. In doing so, scientific dialogic gatherings may help to strength the dialogue among science and society, reducing the existing distances.
The Scientific dialogic gatherings will be coordinated by the National Coordination Committees.

Scientific Dialogic Gatherings Methodology