ScienceLit project: Scientific literacy for all! is an ERASMUS+ project which works to make possible one of the current European challenges: to promote and disseminate scientific knowledge among all cultures and sectors of society. So its contribution is to get science closer to adult people, especially those who are in at-risk situations.

Scientific dialogic gatherings are a way to achieve some of the current European challenges in science, both institutions and civil society and adult education, especially in sectors with a low level of academic training, As these people have traditionally been excluded from the field of science and they would benefit from this knowledge in everyday life.

This project includes, first of all, dialogic scientific gatherings, an activity in which scientific works and articles are read, it is reflected. Through dialogue, a collective learning is created, so that the participants acquire scientific knowledge, as well as capacity for argument and mutual respect. Secondly, these sessions of scientific dialogue dialogues will be filmed to develop an interactive guide for educators who are interested in applying this action. Finally, a training course will be organized for professionals as educators.

This project is 24-month ERASMUS+ project that was carried out from September 2016 until August 2018.