• 1st National Coordination Committee by Agora

    On 22nd December 2016, the Science Literacy leading partner organized the first-ever National Coordination Committee Meeting within our project. The meeting had the following agenda: 1. Welcome 2. Introduction to […]

ScienceLit project: Scientific literacy for all! is an ERASMUS+ project that works to promote and disseminate scientific knowledge among all cultures and sectors of society.


Main goal of this project is to get science closer to adult people, especially those who are in at-risk situation.

The way to achieve this goal is through Scientific Dialogic Gatherings, focused on unemployed participants, especially those who are between the ages of 18 and 34, and adults older than 55 years.

The objectives of the Project are:

  • To facilitate access to scientific knowledge to adults;
  • To equip them with tools that make them able to understand, interpret and analyze science autonomously;
  • To transfer the Scientific Dialogic Gathering to a European level;
  • To connect European Science institutions with adult people at risk in order to contribute to getting science closer to society.


The ScienceLit Methodology that is being carried out during this project has its base on the dialogic learning, through it adult people will have the opportunity to be part of activities such as reading and discussing scientific documents, share their opinions and ideas, be part of a National Committee that coordinates the project in the partner organizations, and learn the importance of using arguments to explain their point of view.


There will be two intellectual outputs developed that will guarantee the sustainability of the project:

  1. Interactive Guide: a Multilanguage online platform with audio-visual materials about how to organize and participate in a Scientific Dialogic Gathering
  2. Training Course for educators and volunteers on Scientific Dialogic Gatherings


The project is being carried out by five entities:

  • The Association of Participants Ágora, Spain, Coordinator entity of the Project
  • The Organization of Adult Education RIC Novo Mesto, Slovenia
  • The NGO KMOP, Greece
  • The Federation of Cultural and Educational Association of Adults FACEPA, Spain
  • The German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) from Germany




This project is a 24 month ERASMUS+ project that was carried out
from September 2016 until August 2018.