Science Literacy project labeled as “Good Practice Example” by the National Agency

Even though the project officially ended, the partners still continue the good practices and use the projects’ outputs in their everyday work-life. Because of that, we were extremely happy to learn that the project was granted the “Good Practise Example” by the National Agency.


The whole evaluation is available here.

New topics to be discussed during the Scientific Dialogic Gatherings in Spain!

During the last gatherings in the Adult School la Verneda – Sant Martí we have been working on the article TOP 10 EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES of 2017 published in the renowned magazine Scientific American. New sustainable developments such as Water made by the sun, or artificial intelligence that sees like humans are some topics that have been discussed, so participants could access to the most recent progresses on the field of science and technologies.

Discovering De rerum natura by Lucretius

In AGORA, we keep carrying out the Scientific Dialogic Gatherings every Wednesday. Recently we have joined our mates from the Mathematics Gatherings and during the next weeks we will be together discussing on the classical work by Tito Lucrecio Caro De rerum natura.

This exciting poem gets us closer to the philosophy, concretely it provides us some knowledge about the Epicurean philosophy.